Aylesbury & District Model Flying Club

For new members the current annual club fees are £63 for seniors and £20 for juniors (under 18) and there is a one-off joining fee of £50 for seniors and £15 for juniors.

Aylesbury & District Model Flying Club (A&DMFC) is an affiliated member of the British Model Flying Association (BMFA), as such membership of the BMFA is a prerequisite of A&DMFC membership which also means that all A&DMFC members who are pilots carry third party insurance. Annual BMFA membership fees are currently £38 for seniors and £17 for juniors. Since 2020, senior members must also be registered with the CAA for which there is a registration fee of £9 per year.

Associate club membership (non-flying) is available at £15.00; also available are discounts for family membership. 

Both ADMFC and BMFA memberships are valid from January 1st to December 31st irrespective of the date that you join. If you join ADMFC and are already a member of the BMFA either directly or through another club then you will either need to associate yourself with ADMFC on the BMFA Azolve Website or provide a committee member with proof of membership (and therefore insurance) before flying at the club field.

If you would like to join, or meet us to see if you might like to join, please contact Peter Johnson the Club Secretary by using the form on the contact page or alternatively by phone on 07876681847. He will provide more details of our club and membership.

New A&DMFC membership is only available through the Club Secretary who will provide the necessary form. Existing A&DMFC members will receive their renewal form directly each year by e mail, payment can be made electronically and we encourage you to use this method of payment, the necessary details of how to do this are on the form.

You can join (or renew) your BMFA membership online with the BMFA using their dedicated membership website, simultaneously you can also add the required CAA operators ID* to your membership.

We would like to encourage you to pay your A&DMFC joining or renewal fees electronically and to join or renew your BMFA membership and CAA operators ID* directly as this eliminates considerably the administration that the Club Secretary would otherwise have to do.

However if this is not possible for whatever reason then you can still pay your BMFA and CAA fees* together with your club fees to the Club Secretary either electronically or by traditional cheque.

Please note that our club site is not available for multi rotor/drone flying.

*For further details and information on the CAA requirements, operator requirements and pilot ID's please visit the dedicated CAA page.